Hospital Regular Services

The hospital is providing in-patient and out-patient services on regular basis and 24-hours emergency. The services include reproductive health, family planning, maternal & child health, safe abortion (upto 12 weeks of unwanted pregnancy),  computerized DR technology X-Ray system, modern pathological investigation, ultrasonography (USG), electrocardiography (ECG), primary dental care, primary eye care, dialysis service and pharmacy unit. There are altogether 28 full-time staff.

Health Insurance

Since FY 2074/75, The hospital is affiliated with Government of Nepal, Health Insurance Board, as secondary health center for public health service delivery under the government health insurance scheme. The main objective of the Health Insurance Board is to ensure universal health coverage by increasing access to and utilization of necessary quality health services. In Ramechhap district, there are all total four health institutions that are delivering services to the members under Nepal Government, Health Insurance Board. Among them, there are two government institutions (Ramechhap District Hospital & Manthali Hospital) and two NGOs based institutions (Tamakoshi Hospital & District Community Eye Center).

Manthali Kidney Center

With dialysis equipments and medial team support from National Kidney Center, Kathmandu, a Kidney Center has been established in the hospital since December 2018. This center has equipped with five machines for dialysis service to five patients at the same time. The hospital has contributed for the construction and furnishing of Kidney Center. This service is available on regular basis.

Specific Health Service

The Little Things & Health Exchange UK has donated three modern equipments (Echocardiography, Endoscopy & TMT machines) to the hospital. With these equipments, the hospital has been able to provide extended specific health service. These services are now available on monthly basis with the help of consultant specialized doctors from Kathmandu.

District Community Eye Centre

Since 2012, Tilganga Eye Center/Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology has been operating a District Community Eye Centre in Manthali. It has made the provision of two Ophthalmic Assistants and one Eye Dispenser in the eye centre. Tilganga Eye Centre/Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology has been conducting free cataract surgical camps in our hospital and also in remote communities of Ramechhap. Since 2001-2011, the eye centre was managed by our hospital team and financial support to operate the eye centre was provided by Tilganga Eye Centre. Recently, an earthquake resistance pre-fab block has been built for the running of Ramechhap Community Eye Center. Tilganga Eye Center has provided the block whereas TSS has provided it land for construction of the block. District Community Eye Center is also selected as secondary health center for eye related health service delivery under the govt. health insurance scheme.

Surgical & General Camps

The hospital has also organized various general and surgical camps in Manthali as well as in outreach communities with financial and technical support from many local, national & international organizations. The major surgical & non-surgical health camps conducted by hospital are as follows:

-  Gastrointestinal general camp (Endoscopy service) - regularly on-going

-  Cardiology general camp (Echo service) - ongoing - regularly on-going

-  Mental health camp - regularly on-going

-  Cataract surgery Camp - regularly on-going

-  Genealogy general camp 

-  Orthopedic general camp 

-  Skin general camp 

-  ENT general camp 

-  Uroflometry general camp 

-  Spiometry general camp 

-  Pelvic Floor Repair (Uterus Prolapsed) surgery camp

-  Hernia, Hydrocil & Piles surgery camp 

-  Vasectomy surgery camp 

-  Cerebral palsy screening camp

-  Kidney disease general camp 

-  Dental treatment general camp

-  Orthodontics camp

Mobilization in Health Camp

A number of specialized doctors of various fields have been mobilized to conduct health camps in the hospital and outreach communities. In addition, many foreign volunteers such as doctors, medical students, nursing students, nurses from different countries have been involved in a number of health camps and service delivery in the hospital.

Special discount for co-op members & medicine

The hospital provides 20% special discount to the members of Manthali Saving & Credit Co-operatives Society Ltd. Likewise, 5% discount is provided to all patients on sales of medicines. In addition, 50% discount is provided on bed charge for in-patients.

Future Plan

Provided that the resources are available, the hospital has made the following future plans for upgrading hospital structure and enhancing the service quality.

1.   Construction of new out-patient & in-patient block

2.   Construction of well-equipped seminar & training hall

3.   Installation of solar energy supply system

4.   Upgrade the hospital into 50 bed structure

5.   Develop as paramedics and nursing education institution

6.   Internship program for Nepali and foreign medical students & doctors

7.   Monthly specialist & surgical services in the hospital


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